The month which is characteristic of rest and relaxation

This is the month to take a rest for a little while after having been participating in the Christmas rush. We're offering you this rest in relation to several aspects. The more it's freezing outside, the more you'll be enjoying the comfortable warmth of our luxurious equipped holiday homes together with your  beloved ones. And in the wellness in general and in the sauna in particular, you're allowed to come entirely at ease with yourself, whether or not  in combination with one of our special arrangements.


The month of love

It's still cold outside, but our hearts are being increasingly warmed up during the first two weeks until the inner fire eventually is being specially incited on Valentine's day. However we don't stick to this date: Europarcs has nominated  entire  february as the month of love. This means that we're going to assist you with the help of special Valentine offers to mollycodle (pamper) yourself and your lover.


The month of the efflorescence

Carefully (cautiously) nature is awakening from its wintersleep and the human beings are also going to undertake outside activities. Especially in the slightly warmer southern part of the country, where at the beginning of March the inhabitants of the provinces of Limburg and Brabant are removing the hibernation with the help of a splattering feast, called "Vasteloavend" or simply Carnival. Experience the best of quiet comfort and crowded cosiness by renting a holiday home on the country estate of Hommelheide or Brunsshein as a base for your journeys along the parades and the pubs filled up with partying crazy-dressed people.  For those who want to enjoy the early springtime, at  the Ruighenrode estate, the residential area park De Rijp and Recreation- and Watersportscentre de Biesbosch you'll surely find what you're looking for! 


The month of the new adventure

No matter which park of EuroParcs you choose, with the birds flying and singing all around you, it's going to be fun to go  wandering  again together  with your family. During the Easter holiday we're not sparing any expenses from a traditional point of view. Among other things this means that EuroParcs is organizing  brunches and other activities such as seeking eggs  and of course the little ones among us are going to get a modest but funny present from us.


The month of the new life

The month of May is a mighty beautiful month. The sight of all those expressions of new life in the nature (scenery) around you, turns a lot of our guests into some other kind of human beings. This means that many delightful cycling tours are being made again. EuroParcs is supporting these tours by means of a cycling arrangement and a picnic basket containing tasty delicasies to be consumed on the way. After having been our guest for a weekend or perhaps a midweek during the May holidays, you're going back to work with a renewed optimistic feeling! Whatever park of EuroParcs you may choose, you're being assured that scenic beauty is always reachable within the very near surroundings! In brief: ideal for biking lovers!


The month of the white gold

And this "gold" isn't shining (glittering) at the horizon, but right in front of your eyes if you at least take the right direction (route) starting from one of our parks during your holiday trip. The staff members of EuroParcs are always ready and more than willing to give you a measurable advice, as a result of which you'll be able to pay a visit to these asparagus fields as well as to other sights in the region! Apart from that of course the asparaguses are on the menu in our restaurants.

July & August

The months of the summer holidays

Forgetting the daily tension for  a while. Just enjoying yourself in abundance together  with your whole family in a familiar (reliable) environment, which nevertheless disposes of everything with regard to entertainment as well as leisure. Of course our parks cannot always offer you the presence of the sun, but they do present you an abundance of water-, beach- and barbecue facilities to enjoy yourself together with your next of kin. Your holiday will further be enriched with a recreation team, which members are going to do their utmost to amuse and entertain your kids. Apart from this, there will be live music and other shows on a regular (frequent) base. We dare to assure you that there will never be a moment during which you're getting bored!


The month to enjoy a splendid late summer

It's still possible before the autumn starts. Just taking a nice break, away from the daily grind, especially for those people who have been working throughout the summer. Our parks accommodate an abundance of facilities, which vary from extensive horeca-services as far as wellness facilities and inside swimming pools, all of those for the benefit of you being able to enjoy a well earned holiday. Apart from this September, with it's delightful late summer sun, is the ideal month to take a firm hike before it's going to get colder. EuroParcs is supporting these hiking tours by means of special walking arrangement.


The month that all the Netherlands is being veiled in autumn colours

Wherher you're talking about the colourful leafage in the hills of the southern part of the province of Limburg or about the mushrooms in the woods of the province of Northern Holland, fact is that nature is never as versatile as in the month of October. Not only at first sight, but also for those people who are moving further away from our holiday parks into the scenic beauty of nature.  This is the ideal month to spot wildlife for example in the "Hoge Veluwe" and the "Brunsummerheide", but also in the dunes of the province of Northern Holland. Moreover there's a lot of entertainment for both young and old, especially during the school holidays. As you're going to look for the ideal spot to make wildlife pictures, the kids are going on a treasure hunt together with the recreation team. And the day still isn't over yet when you return at your favourite recreation park,  as the restaurants in our EuroParcs resorts are offering a special wildlife menu in this month of October.


The month of domestic cosiness

The temperatures are rapidly going down,  the first indications of the winter season are announcing themselves. At the same time the warm domestic cosiness, which is so specific to the wintertime, is coming back again. The arrival of St Nicholas at the end of this month is the first signal that a period full of exuberant sociability is on the verge of getting started. In the meantime we're enjoying mashed potatoes with endive, kale with sausage(s) , hotch-potch and pea soup. And in the sauna baths , the wellness and the comfortable inside swimming pool we let the coldness gliding out of our system.        


The month of the festivities

The month of the festivities. In fact the final stage of the year doen't need to be further clarified. St Nicholas?  Christmas? Turn of the year? Our parks are offering you entertainment or a high extent of privacy instead , depending on  your particular wishes. Of course St Nicholas and Santa Claus  have reserved time to be present in the parks and the children are going to get a present, which they can decorate if desired.

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