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The month of rest and relaxation

The month to take some rest after all the hustle and bustle of the holidays. We offer that peace of mind on several levels. It may be freezing outside, but in the cozy warmth of our luxuriously furnished accommodations. It is even more enjoyable with your loved ones. And in the wellness area in general and the sauna in particular, you can completely unwind, with or without one of our special packages.

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The month of love

It's still cold outside, but hearts are warmed in the first two weeks until the inner fire is stoked even more on Valentine's Day. However, we will not stick to this date: EuroParcs has designated the whole of February as the month of love. This means that we help you with special Valentine's offers to pamper yourself and your loved one during a stay at one of our holiday parks.

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The month of awakening

Nature is gently awakening from its winter sleep and people are starting to enjoy outdoor activities again. Especially in the slightly warmer south where Limburgers and Brabant people shake off the winter rest at the beginning of March with a spectacular party: 'Vasteloavend' or 'carnival. Experience the best of quiet comfort and busy conviviality by staying in an accommodation at EuroParcs Limburg or EuroParcs Brunssummerheide as a base for your trips along the pageantry and the full pubs. For those who want to enjoy the early spring in peace: at EuroParcs De Achterhoek, EuroParcs De Rijp and EuroParcs De Biesbosch you will find what you are looking for! Discover the rest of our holiday parks.

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The month of the new adventure

It doesn't matter which EuroParcs holiday park you choose, with the chirping of the birds around you, it will be fun to go out with your family again. At Easter we go all out: EuroParcs holds brunches, organizes activities such as egg hunts and of course there is a small present for the little ones!

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The month of new life

May is a very beautiful month. The sight of all that new life in the nature around you is wonderful for beautiful bike rides. EuroParcs supports these trips with a cycling package and a nice picnic basket for the road. After a weekend or perhaps a midweek in the May holiday with us, you will go back to work with a wonderful feeling. Whichever EuroParcs holiday park you choose, nature is always close by.

Met het hele gezin weg in mei!



The month of white gold

And this 'gold' does not shine on the horizon, but right in front of you if you take the right route from one of our parks during your holiday trip. We are ready to advise you where to find these asparagus fields and other places of interest in the region! In addition, the delicious asparagus is of course on the menu in our restaurants.

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July August

The months of the summer holidays

Forget the pressure of everyday life. Enjoy yourself with the whole family in a familiar environment that still has everything in terms of comfort and convenience. Our parks can't always promise you sun, but we do promoise a multitude of water, beach and barbecue options to enjoy with your friends or partner. The children will enjoy themselves during the holidays with the kids entertainment. In addition, there are regular live music and other shows. So you won't ever be bored!

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The month to enjoy the summer

You can still go on holiday before fall arrives. A nice break, especially for those who have worked through the summer. Our parks house a multitude of facilities, from extensive catering to wellness and (indoor) pools, to give you that well-deserved holiday. In addition, with the lovely late summer sun, September is the month to take a brisk walk before it starts to get colder. EuroParcs supports these tours with a special walking arrangement

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The month that all of the Netherlands is covered in autumn colors

Whether you're talking about the multicolored foliage in the South Limburg hills or the mushrooms in the North Holland forests: nature is never as versatile as it is in October. Not only at first sight, but especially for those who venture deeper into nature from our holiday parks. This is the month to spot wild animals in, for example, the Hoge Veluwe and Brunssummerheide, but also in the dunes of North Holland. Furthermore, we have entertainment for both young and old, especially during the school holidays: where you go for the ultimate wildlife photo, the children go on a fox hunt with the recreation team. And the day isn't over when you return to your holiday park: the restaurants of our EuroParcs holiday parks offer you a special game menu this month.

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The month of homely fun

Temperatures are dropping quickly, the first signs of winter are on the way. At the same time, the warm homely cosiness that is so characteristic of winter returns. The arrival of Sinterklaas towards the end of this month is the first signal that a time full of bustling conviviality is about to begin. In the meantime, we enjoy endive stew, kale with sausage, stew and pea soup and let the cold slip off us in the saunas, wellness and pleasant indoor pool.

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The month of celebrations

The final piece of the year really needs no further explanation. Sinterklaas? Christmas? Newyears? Our parks offer you entertainment or a high degree of privacy, depends on what you wish for. Of course Sinterklaas and Santa Claus have made time to visit the parks and the children will receive a present that they can decorate if necessary.

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