Do you color with Beau & Bloem?

Beau and Bloem have made various coloring pictures for you. Which coloring picture is your favorite? Download your favourite picture and start coloring!

Beau and Bloem's coloring pictures are made especially for you. What do you look forward to most during your holiday at EuroParcs? Would you like to go swimming in the swimming pool, or play with sand by the sea, or maybe even both? Or would you rather play soccer outside, jump rope or blow bubbles; it is all possible. Click the image to view the complete coloring picture and to download it. Now all you need to do is print the coloring picture, and start coloring!

Coloring by season

from EuroParcs with Beau & Bloem!

Coloring karaoke & King's Day

What a party with Beau & Bloem

Coloring with Sinterklaas

The Pietjes Beau & Bloem

Coloring outdoor games & Halloween

Play soccer with Beau and skipping ropes with Bloem

Coloring mother's day and father's day

Coloring with Beau & Bloem for mom and dad!

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