Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We have sorted out the most frequently asked questions and given answers on your behalf. Please phone us if your question has not been inserted: +31 88-070 8090 .  

Arrival and departure days
At EuroParcs you can book during the school holidays to stay for a period covering weekends, midweeks as well as weeks.

Weekend - from Friday till Monday

Midweek - from Monday till Friday

Week - from Monday till Monday or from Friday till Friday

During the holidays (Eastern, Ascension Day, Whitsun tide, Chrustmas , New Year's Eve and New Year's Day) other arrival- and departure days are applicable.  

During low season you can arrive and depart on every given working day. 

At EuroParcs the minimum age to make a reservation is 18 years old. 

Arrival and departure times
With regard to all parks belonging to EuroParcs, standard arrival- ande departure times are applicable. As far as holiday homes and group accommodations are concerned , it has been determined that on the day of arrival you're allowed to enter your accomodation as from 15.00 hours, while on the day of departure you'll have to leave your accomodation before 10.00 hours.

Disabled guests
On holiday park Resort Brunssummerheide, EuroParcs offers an adjusted holiday home for the benefit of disabled people. This holiday home is provided with all possible conveniences and it disposes of an adjusted bathroom on the first floor with , among other things, a shower stretcher. On the second floor still another two bathrooms are situated. This holiday home is suitable to accommodate 10 persons. Guide-dogs are allowed in this home.

In almost all the other parks certain holiday homes are partly adjusted for the benefit of less valid people. These homes are accessible for wheelchairs and are provided with broad doors as well as a low placed shower entry. Some homes are also provided with a specially adjusted shower sit and supporting braces at both sides of the toilet. On the first floor two high-low beds are available. Particular detail: a stair lift is not abailable, so the second floor is only reachable by walking the stairs.

For more information about holiday homes, which are suitable for the benefit of less invalid people, you're welcome to call the following phone number (+31 (0)88-070 8090).

During online booking you can immediately pay with, among other things, iDeal.  

  • If you book more than 6 weeks before arrival, you pay 30% of the invoice amount directly and 6 weeks before arrival the remaining amount. 
  • If you book within 6 weeks before arrival, you must pay the full amount directly online. If we have not received payment, you will not have a definitive reservation. 
  • If no payment has been made after a reminder, the reservation will be cancelled. This is valid for reservations made after May 12th 2021. 

Accidents happen, most people will have experienced this. It is for this reason that Europarcs may in some cases ask for a deposit up front so that any damages can be handled more easily in case of an accident. The deposit amounts to a minimum of € 200 per accommodation and (when applicable) will be added to the total amount. After departure, the bungalows and group accommodations are checked and after deduction of the costs of the detected damage, the amount will be transferred back to the account number of the person who made the reservation within 4 weeks. When damage is observed, you will naturally receive an invoice which you may use for further settlement with your insurance company.

Do you prefer a certain kind of accomodation, for example because of special facilities or because of the specific location . If so, you can indicate this during your reservation. We'll do our utmost to meet your wishes and we take these into account as much as possible. Do you prefer to have your preference being guaranteed? In that case you'll have to pay preference costs. 

On all parks pets are allowed (provided that they are being leashed), but that doesn't count for every holiday home. There are also petfree holiday homes. in which pets are not allowed. So please indicate beforehand at your reservation if you want to bring one or more pets with uou . In general two pets are being allowed to come along per reservation. For each pet you'll have to pay a surcharge, amounting to Euro 6,00 per night.

On all our parks you can (wirelessly) reach the internet. Hoewever our parks are situated in the middle of nature, as a result of which the accessibility in our accommodations isn't always optimal. For this reason in some parks the use of wireless internet is being offered in the horeca part of the main building. If you're having problems to log in or if you would like to ask questions about this, please feel free to contact the reception.

On the day of arrival campers can start using the camping site as from 14.00 hours, while on the day of departure they'll have to leave the site before 11.00 hours.

Business solutions
Looking for one or more accommodations for a large group, for example a company outing, staff party, family weekend, festival visit, study weekend or sailing camp? EuroParcs offers various possibilities! Read more on 

Other questions
Do you have any other questions? Please don't hesitate to call us at +31 (0) 088 070 80 90.

Corona measures

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