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Welcome to the site of Camping Ronduite and with that, The EuroParcs Group also welcomes you! The campsite, including the marina, has been taken over by holiday park specialist EuroParcs Group. We are a major player in the exploitation and management of holiday parks, where water is a core part of our vision. Many of our resorts are located on a river or a large pond and have a marina.
As a company with family roots, we stand for sustainable relationships. Sustainability is also an important part of our vision: we stand for high-quality accommodation and are therefore going to upgrade the campsite. The marina is also being refurbished, but the work here is less comprehensive. Reservations for the marina for the coming season will therefore remain unchanged unless you indicate that you have other wishes. However, there may be shifts in berth numbers, because we are going to partly renew the marina to make your stay even greater!

For camping guests who also want to stay at their favorite holiday spot in the coming years, the large-scale project development means that they either have to prepare for a departure or are open to buying a holiday home. As a trusted guest at Ronduite, you have an advantage with us when it comes to accommodation locations.
The upgrading of the campsite also means that, although we will try to keep the nuisance to a minimum, we cannot rule out possible nuisance for guests in the marina. If you would like more information about the upgrade of the campsite in general and the (repair) work of the marina in particular, please contact us at the following email address: As a result of your e-mail, if you agree, you will be contacted in a personal way to explain the plans. We request that you indicate in the e-mail whether you would like more general information or information about the possible purchase of a holiday home, so that we can quickly put the right contact person in touch with you.

About EuroParcs Group
EuroParcs Group stands for a total experience in recreation and, above all, a top sports mentality. With that in mind, we sponsor premier league club Feyenoord. Translated to our resorts, this means high-quality recreation objects, luxurious furnishings, a surplus of facilities and amenities and, above all, a unique location: close to excellently equipped winter sports and summer sports facilities, beautiful nature and not too far from urban amenities such as shops, restaurants and other entertainment options. . Over the past 20 years, the EuroParcs Group has developed into a major player in the development and operation of holiday parks, with around 40 resorts under the EuroParcs and Droomparken labels. The core activities have been the sale and rental of recreation objects from the very beginning. EuroParcs Group guides (prospective) investors from A to Z from the first moment of contact to the actual delivery of a holiday home. We demonstrate the same passion and commitment for our guests: from the first moment of contact until check-out, they are can fully enjoy their holiday at Droomparken or EuroParcs.

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