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With Beau & Bloem!

Kids’ Entertainment at Resort De Utrechtse Heuvelrug

During many weekends and all school holidays, EuroParcs Resort De Utrechtse Heuvelrug offers professional kids’ entertainment with its Beau & Bloem Kids Club (from 4 years old), entertainment professionals who will sing and dance with the children, the Adventure Club (from 8 years old) which offers the best adventures, and the Fun Club (for the whole family) which has been providing children's theatre for many years. Anyone who has already enjoyed a holiday at one of our resorts will be familiar with the picture: children singing as loud as they can and then being taken by the hand to dance with Beau & Bloem. Many don’t need the invitation and start dancing spontaneously.

Beau & Bloem also provide quieter kinds of fun, such as arts and crafts. And the nice thing is that you can already colour with Beau and Bloem, because they have made colouring pictures especially for our small (and big) visitors.Online, you can already see many of the things the Beau & Bloem Kids Club has to offer, such as wide smiles on the faces of the children.

The kids’ entertainment can be offered in the main building, but also, for example, at the future indoor swimming pool. You can often see this wonderful kids’ entertainment in action outside on sunny days, for example at the playing facilities or the recreation field at EuroParcs Resort De Utrechtse Heuvelrug.

Kids’ entertainment is an important factor of the EuroParcs vision. As a family business, family comes first, with more vulnerable children being prioritised over adults. Because if you see them laughing a lot, everyone's holiday will be a success. These aims come even before our business interests: children literally and figuratively bring a resort to life. Not only do they contribute to the general atmosphere in the holiday park, they are in many ways the beating heart of it. That is why we as a company like to go the extra mile for the youngest among us. 

May we introduce ourselves?

Have you met us before? Tough Beau and handsome Bloem are there especially to have fun with you on your holiday at EuroParcs. You've probably seen us before. The Beau and Bloem Kids Club has children's activities for the little ones from 4 years old! But who are Beau and Bloem anyway? We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Hope to see you soon!

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