A spectacular falconry show on the sports field near Resort De Wije Werelt

Visit the raptor show at Resort De Wije Werelt!

A spectacular raptor show on the sports field. Take your camera with you, because afterwards there is still the possibility to take pictures with birds on your hand.

During the predatory bird demonstration, different species of birds fly. For example, there will be flown with falcons, buzzards, owls, eagles and vultures! Every bird of prey has a certain way of flying, eating and hunting. Experience these impressive birds up close during the demonstration. 

The show
On Wednesdag 11 April and Friday 29 May 2020 everyone is welcome to attend the exciting show with birds of prey! Only, please don't bring any dogs, this is stressful for the birds.

The Bird of Prey show takes place on the sports field. That is near Resort De Wije Werelt. The event starts at 19.30h and will last until 20.30h. Admission is free!

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