Zip line event

Climbing, strumming, watchtower, wild boar, deer and much more!

Zip line event

A trip to Klimbos (Climbing Forest) Veluwe is fun for young and old. For the young climbers with a minimum reach of 1.30 meters there is even a special junior forest.

Fun for young and old
As an adult you can climb with your child or grandchild. No problem! The junior forest is also suitable for adults. But you can also get started yourself. Besides climbing, there are many other activities to do. Near Klimbos Veluwe there is a lookout tower with a height of 26 meters and you can take a walk along the wild boar and deer. Fantastic of course!

All guests of the Resort De Wije Werelt holiday park are welcome to participate in the Zip line event at Klimbos Veluwe.

Participation is free, but but you have to sign up!

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