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There’s plenty to see and do around De Wije Werelt!

The Veluwe region surrounding of holiday park EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt

In the immediate surroundings of holiday park Resort De Wije Werelt, there is plenty to see and do. How about lovely walks and cycling trips in the woods and wetlands? The Veluwe region is the place to be for anyone who loves an active lifestyle, an adventure, relaxation and a challenge. And good food, of course. All of this less than a 1-hour drive from Randstad. Discover and experience it and get ready to be amazed!

Discover sprawling fields and nature all around you in the Veluwe region with a stay at this holiday resort. EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt is located in the heart of the Veluwe, in the centre of the Gelderland province. All the hotspots listed above are just a short drive away from Resort De Wije Werelt, near the town of Apeldoorn. What makes this resort so special is that it is located in the heart of the Veluwe region. In fact, the entrance of the De Hoge Veluwe National Park, known for its many deer, mouflons, marshes, dense forests, the beautiful St Hubert hunting lodge and the Kröller-Möller museum, is located just a few hundred metres from the holiday resort. The Het Planken Wambuis natural reserve, with its varied landscape of brooks, woods, heaths, grasslands and age-old burial mounds, lies just a bit further. Close by you will also find Het Mosselse Zand, which is known for its sand drifts, and the adjoining Speelbos van Oerrr, a play area where children can romp around in nature, through the woods and tunnels. 

But Resort De Wije Werelt also offers countless on-site amenities , including the very popular family restaurant and indoor play area De Houtzagerij, not to mention the unique wooden chalets, built entirely from local wood, and the outdoor pool. Needless to say, the holiday chalets are all luxuriously decorated and spotless, like all the EuroParcs holiday resorts. 

Resort De Wije Werelt is a golden sponsor of Natuurmonumenten!

Natuurmonumenten provides more than 100,000 hectares of nature in the Netherlands, including cultural heritage, and makes us strong for more nature. Not only in the areas we manage, but also beyond. EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt helps Natuurmonumenten! With our contributions Natuurmonumenten can do more for nature and the cultural heritage they manage. For example, we help Natuurmonumenten to maintain and protect flowery meadows and meadow birds.

OERRR's play area at the Mosselse Zand, next to the resort, is another example of this. You can have a great time in this nature spot. Build the coolest waterways with water from the pump. Or build a cool cabin; there are plenty of branches. If you prefer to go up in the sky, then climb the tree! We are curious to see how fast you can find the playground on the park map of Resort De Wije Werelt.

Bird watching in the Veluwe?

"I've been walking around the Veluwe for over 35 years. First as a little boy and in recent years also as a professional excursion leader. I know the southwest Veluwe like the back of my hand and I can tell you the most beautiful spots. I also know which birds and other animals are there. I am happy to share this with you, because I allow everyone to see all the beauty that lives here in the Veluwe. Have fun reading and then on the road! Enjoy the woods and heathlands and everything that runs and flies around," says bird watcher Adriaan. Discover now the 6 top tips for wildlife and bird watching in the Veluwe of bird watcher Adriaan!

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Want to enjoy together with the family? Then the surroundings of Resort De Wije Werelt are great! There's so much to do, that you can get out there every day! Check out the possibilities

Easy going

Easy going

No need to sit still on a relaxing day! The surroundings of Resort De Wije Werelt offer many interesting but not tiresome activities.  



You can enjoy delicious food in the surroundings of Resort De Wije Werelt. Discover the lovely markets and taste the best ingredients. Be surprised 



Finding activities in the surroundings of Resort De Wije Werelt is not hard. From hiking or cycling to climbing in the ropepark. Check out the different ideas for day trips.  

Urban shopping


In the vicinity of Resort De Wije Werelt are many nice places to visit! Shopping, sniffing art and culture? We are happy to help you on your way! 



Discover the surroundings of Resort De Wije Werelt in different ways. Walking, cycling, by car or train, the possibilities are almost endless.  

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