Treasure hunt Wood Sculptures

At Resort De Wije Werelt

Discover the new Wood Sculptures treasure hunt at EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt.

EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt, near the town of Otterlo, has recently launched its new treasure hunt. In addition to a GPS-guided app, visitors can also pick up a disk at the reception to collect all the different animals that make up the hunt. The reception is also where you can get additional information.

The hunt covers eight animals including a boar, a red deer, and a fox. All animals live on and around the Veluwe, plus one less common beast representing the region’s history: the Dragon of Gelre. This dragon is the exciting final stage of this challenging quest, as it guards a treasure chest containing all kinds of valuables. 

Kids who go on this treasure hunt with friends or parents will encounter many a surprise before reaching the dragon. When you find an animal and move the disk across it, the wooden animal sculpture will literally activate a light on the disk. But that's not all: the animal will also start talking... "This treasure hunt is not only a lot of fun, it's also educational," says Ruben Averink on behalf of the holiday park. “At each wooden sculpture, there is a sign offering interesting information about the animal, such as what it eats and when you’re most likely to see it. This way, we try to introduce children to nature in a playful way".

Download the app via the following link: 

Natuurmonumenten and holiday park De Wije Werelt
EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt is not only a proud gold sponsor of Natuurmonumenten. We work together on several levels, including with these wood sculptures. The search is made possible by Natuurmonumenten.

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