With Beau & Bloem!

Children's entertainment at Resort Kaatsheuvel!

Crafts, games and fun, empathy theatre ... Our entertainment team, including Beau and Bloem, is totally ready for it! Are your children also ready to meet Beau en Bloem and our other artists? They will surely put a smile on your child's face!

In (almost) every school holiday, the Beau & Bloem Kids Club is there to provide a lot of fun and entertainment together with the entertainment team, as they come up with a lot of fun activities for the kids. The more souls, the more fun! Even more work is being done on contemporary entertainment for the children at the resort in Kaatsheuvel. The high involvement of our animation team has only one goal; only happy and happy children. Take part in the various activities during the holiday periods. And the nice thing is that you can already colour with Beau and Bloem, because they have made colouring pictures especially for our small (and big) visitors. Take a look at the animation program of EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel and be surprised!

May we introduce ourselves?

Have you met us before? Tough Beau and handsome Bloem are there especially to have fun with you on your holiday at EuroParcs. You've probably seen us before. The Beau and Bloem Kids Club has children's activities for the little ones from 4 years old! But who are Beau and Bloem anyway? We would like to introduce ourselves to you. Hope to see you soon!

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