Uitdam CAT Sailing trips

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Uitdam CAT Sailing trips

Welcome on board

Sailing with CAT means sailing fast on a stable and luxurious catamaran that is fully equipped and also looks spectacular. Experience the freedom, happiness and pleasure of the water while the wind blows through your hair. With CAT you are assured of a super day on the Markermeer!

The Markermeer, formerly part of the Zuiderzee, is CAT's playing field. The beautiful lake is part of the Nieuw Land National Park: its protected status ensures the preservation of the beautiful flora and fauna and the clean (swimming) water.

There is always something to see on the water: the beautiful nature, vessels, views and landmarks, including the island of Fort Pampus (The pearl of the Markermeer) and the Paard van Marken (the lighthouse from 1839). This real beauty with white tower and red hood is a popular photo object. We sail right past it!

The Marker Wadden is a unique nature reserve in development. A natural paradise for fish and birds and a wonderful recreation island; with an island pavilion, watchtowers, walking routes and many beaches. A visit to the Marker Wadden is a unique experience!

There are several historic villages on the Markermeer, including Muiden, Edam, Monnickendam, Volendam, Marken and Hoorn. A visit to one of these places can easily be combined with a day trip on the water.
You can relax on the Markermeer!

Practical information:

  • register at CAT: via www.sailthecat.com, by telephone: 06-44870734 or drop by
  • CAT is located next to the terrace of the restaurant in the harbor of Uitdam
  • sailing trips include coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, refreshments; to order extra on board: wine, beer, mixed drinks (a € 5, - p.s.)
  • CAT sails from Uitdam in the period: May 1 to October 1, 2021
  • CAT sailing trips are corona proof!
  • minimum 4, maximum 12 people (depending on composition; family / couple / individual)

Tour of Pampus:

  • From € 42.50 for € 29 p.p. (adults) and from € 22.50 for € 15 (children 4 - 15 yrs.)
  • Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 10am to 12pm and from 7.30pm to 9.30pm
  • Other days on request.

Tour of the Pampus-Paard van Marken:

  • From € 55 for € 39 p.p. (adults) and from € 35 for € 19 (children 4 - 15 yrs.)
  • Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday from 2 pm to 5 pm
  • Other days on request

Day trip Katwoude-Monnickendam (or one of the other historic villages on the Markermeer):

  •  From € 89 for € 65 p.p. (adults) and from € 49 for € 29 p.p. (children 4-15 yrs) 
  • From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • This day trip can be booked on request

Day trip Marker Wadden:

  • From € 99 for € 79 p.p. (adults) and from € 55 for € 35 p.p. (children 4-15 yrs)
  • Including ticket access Marker Wadden (€ 6, - p.p. + mooring fee € 12.50)
  • From 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • This day trip can be booked on request

CAT: www.sailthecat.com; 06-44870734

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