Adventuredome - Playing outdoors

Playing outdoors

Join me outside? Here you can experience the best games. Come and have some fun with water and sand. It doesn't matter if you get wet, it will dry by itself. Who will build the most beautiful sand castle or who will conquer the world as a pirate? Ship ahoy!

Pirate ship

Play as a pirate - 4- 12 years

25 square meters of climbing and scrambling fun can be found at the Pirate Ship. Using car tires, scramble upwards and then slide down the slide. Also fun: play hide-and-seek on and around the ship. Or let your imagination run free and play as a pirate. ARR! AHOY! AYE AYE!

Super Size Swing

Swing together - 4-15 years

Swing together with multiple children in a basket while someone is pushing you. Swinging by yourself is possible too, of course. The Super Size Swing has a long swing and goes pretty high and hard. Are there little children inside? Then don't push too hard.

Water and sand

Muddy fun - 3-12 years

Playing with water and sand. Of course, there are various shells, molds, and buckets that you can use. Make a mud soup or a beautiful sand castle. And take an extra set of clothes because getting dirty is allowed!


Excellent view of the playground

Ideal: while the children are playing, adults can enjoy themselves on the outside terrace. It offers a nice view of the playground. A newspaper in hand, a drink and something nice to eat. And thanks to an optimal free Wi-Fi connection, the terrace is also an excellent workplace.

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