Fishing is allowed at Resort Veluwemeer and the waters around the holiday park. A few rules apply to fishing:

- A caught pike must be released directly after catching it.
- You're allowed to have two pike-perches in your possession. However, young fish smaller than 42 cm in size must be released.
- You are not allowed to catch protected fish species.
- Carps must always be released alive.
- All other caught fish may be taken away for personal consumption. The fish must be killed immediately by hitting it over the head. Caught fish can be used as bait, however you are not allowed to have more than 10 bait fish in your posession.

Fishing at Resort Veluwemeer

In 2017, a regional broadcaster, Omroep Gelderland, was a guest at Resort Veluwemeer to go fishing. Watch the episode here!

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