The feast of Sinterklaas

You're coming too, right?

Come to the Sinterklaas party at EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer!

Join the Sinterklaas party on Saturday November 30, 2019 at EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer in Nunspeet. Everyone is very welcome! Admission is free and you can come and put your shoe on Friday 29 November. Exciting, isn't it? So, what are you waiting for? Make the party of Sinterklaas complete with a stay at the holiday park.

The Great Sinterklaas Festival
The programme for the Sinterklaas party at EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer is as follows:

Friday 29 November 2019
On Friday, November 29, you can in the restaurant Friends 'n Bites on the holiday in Nunspeet already your shoe come put for Sinterklaas. Maybe there is something nice in it when you come to the Sinterklaas party! Don't forget to bring some goodies 🥕 for Amerigo? 

Saturday 30 November 2019
On Saturday November 30th Sinterklaas and one of his Pieten will come to EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer! It promises to be one big Sinterklaas party 🎁 from 14.00h to 16.00h in the restaurant Friends 'n Bites. So much fun! You will come too, won't you?

Experience the Sinterklaas party!
Make the Sinterklaas party complete and stay with the family on holiday park EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer in Nunspeet and make it a cozy Sinterklaas weekend together. EuroParcs, experience it!

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