Catering Center

De Plaza is the catering center of Resort Zuiderzee!

Restaurant Hollands Glorie open!

Unfortunately we are currently unable to receive guests in our Restaurant Hollands Glorie, but the restaurant is open for pickup and vacation (t)house delivery! Because of the guidelines from the RIVM you can only order by e-mail for example.

Restaurant Hollandsch Glorie

We offer delicious menus in our á la carte restaurant Hollandsch Glorie.
From 3 courses to special childeren's menus, there is plenty of choice for everyone. Come have a delicious lunch and dinner at restaurant Hollandsch Glorie at EuroParcs Resort Zuiderzee plaza. Would you like to make a reservation? You can call us +31 88 070 81 86 or e-mail us.

Discover Pizza Mario

Discover Pizza Mario in the Plaza at Resort Zuiderzee right now and pick up a delicious pizza! Choose your favorite pizza and let it taste your way!

Catering facilities

The Plaza of EuroParcs Resort Zuiderzee is equipped with catering facilities. think of a restaurant, a bar with terrace, a snack bar, an ice cream parlor and a pub called Bolle Johan!

In restaurant Hollandsch Glorie you can dine, or get a drink at the bar and enjoy it on the lovely and sunny terrace! Are you hungry for a tasty and quick bite? Check our snack bar Taste & More. Or are you more inclined towards a deliciously cool and tasty ice cream?

Snack bar Taste & More

Fancy a quick bite?
Then come and eat in our snack bar Taste & More! Amazing fries and croquettes are just some of the things we have te offer!

Cafe Bolle Johan

Cafe Bolle Johan, exceptionally suited for the kind of sociability
Drop in at the traditionally old fashioned Cafe Bolle Johan and experience an enjoyable evening out! Meet your friends there and share the sociability with them while drinking  a delicious  glass of beer and enjoying  a nice piece of music.

Ice cream parlor

Our ice cream parlor is open during sunny weather
What will you have? A scoop of tasty ice cream in a cone, or a popsicle? Try them all!

Bar and terrace

Enjoy a nice drink at our fantastic bar! Order some snacks too, you can't go wrong! And enjoy you're bite and drink on the sunny terrace! You are most welcome!

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