WiFi at Resort Zuiderzee


When you have booked a chalet or holiday villa, you can use free WiFi in your holiday home.

Mobile homes

The Mobilehomes do not have WiFi.

WiFi in the park
In the public areas of the resort (the Plaza, the Beachclub and the harbor) there is free WiFi Basic. This makes it possible to view Facebook and Instagram, send Whatsapp messages, visit Twitter and view e-mail.

If you want to play games, watch YouTube or stream (Netflix / Videoland), WiFi Premium is possible for a fee. Vouchers for WiFi Premium are available at the reception.

You must log in to Wifi Resort Zuiderzee. After this you will receive a captive portal, where you can enter the voucher code, choose a paypal payment for 24 hours. Of course you can also opt for WiFi Basic (the free version).

You can try WiFi Premium for 10 minutes for free. After these 10 minutes of free Wi-Fi, it takes 1 week before you can use it again for free.

• A 7-day voucher for 2 devices costs € 9.95
• A 7-day voucher for 5 devices costs € 12.00
• A 30-day voucher for 2 devices costs € 17.00
• A 30-day voucher for 5 devices costs € 27.00

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