Krokusvakantie BE Limburg

Vakantieparken in Limburg

Enjoy Limburg naturally

The Belgian province of Limburg distinguishes itself from the other Belgian provinces with its eventful Roman history, culinary specialities, mining past and natural areas. For those who can't decide between sniffing up culture in cities or endless walks and cycle rides in nature, our EuroParcs holiday park in Belgian Limburg is the right place!

From mine shafts to Romans

Limburg is a surprising holiday destination with its beautiful nature and historic cities. Traces of the past can be found everywhere. The Romans founded Tongeren, the oldest town in Belgium, and at the beginning of the last century coal was discovered in the province. Migrant workers came from far and wide to work in the mines, which has created a multicultural society and great food! Discover the 8 minesites of Limburg, each of which has been given a new purpose. The atmospheric capital Hasselt has the largest Japanese garden in Europe and is also perfect for a day of shopping and culinary enjoyment.

Hasselt City Centre Belgium

Inspiration in Belgian Limburg


The Hoge Kempen National Park