Born gull-billed near Resort Markermeer

Rare born gull-billed stock near EuroParcs Resort Markermeer

On the Marker Wadden, near EuroParcs Resort Markermeer, the first young gull-billed stock was born since 1958. With this, the nature reserve between Enkhuizen and Lelystad once again proves its added value and so does EuroParcs Resort Markermeer. Those who stay here, but Lelystad drives and from there take the boat to the main island can see many special birds. And in all probability there will only be more, because the five constructed islands are still developing. For those who want to go on holiday at EuroParcs Resort Markermeer and book now!

Resort Markermeer

Resort Markermeer


Today, EuroParcs Resort Markermeer is the holiday destination for the holidaymaker. You can relax and stay on and around this beautiful holiday park, located on the beautiful Markermeer. 

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