Pinkpop 2020

Holiday parks EuroParcs: the ideal base for Pinkpop

The EuroParcs Resort Limburg and Brunssummerheide holiday parks are ideal starting points for Pinkpop. Stay comfortably with your friends in a group accommodation, because both resorts are within half an hour's drive of the three-day music festival in Landgraaf. Indeed, from Resort Brunssummerheide in Brunssum you can be on the festival grounds in 15 minutes. Enjoy the festival to the fullest by giving yourself a good night's sleep! Leave the soaking wet tents and the mud to your left and treat yourself to the comfort of the luxuriously decorated holiday homes at EuroParcs Resort Limburg or Resort Brunssummerheide!

Pinkpop is for many Dutch people but also for many foreigners the highlight of the year. In 2018 alone, on the first day of the year, a record number of 70,000 people came forward. Pinkpop, which in 2020 will not take place at Pentecost but from Friday 19 to Sunday 21 June, stands for sociability, but above all for the experience, as is also the case with the EuroParcs resorts. And because there are four stages, everyone will find his or her favourite style of music at this musical feast of international stature. The Rolling Stones, Paul Mc Cartney, Metallica, Simple Minds, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bruce Springsteen: these are just a few of the many well-known international bands and solo artists who have performed in Landgraaf. Pinkpop is also a familiar stage for famous names in the Dutch music world. To give a few examples: Doe Maar, Golden Earring, Anouk and Bløf have inspired thousands of people at Pinkpop with their performances. Nowadays, Pinkpop is more than just a festival in Limburg: it is part of the DNA of the province of Limburg and has actually become the whole of the Netherlands.

EuroParcs extends Pinkpop at Resort Brunssummerheide

Holiday park EuroParcs Resort Brunssummerheide is ideal if you want to recharge your batteries after all the musical impressions and want to enjoy (after) the best: the park is located on the special nature reserve Brunssummerheide. This means that in the morning, after all the festival violence, you can start up in peace and quiet with a cup of coffee or other drink, with a fantastic view over the heather and whistling birds in the background. Or you can end a fantastic day full of highlights with another highlight. Literally and figuratively speaking, that is, because the special experience that Europarcs Resort Brunssummerheide offers is especially appreciated on the terrace at the catering industry. This is the highest point of the holiday park from where you have a panoramic view over the area. EuroParcs extends Pinkpop. The beautiful view stimulates the feeling of freedom, just the same feeling that you fully experience later in the day at Pinkpop!

Cooling down before and after the festival at Resort Limburg

Do you want to cool off after a hot day at the festival? Or do you want to have some fun in a smaller circle? Then holiday park EuroParcs Resort Limburg in Susteren is the address where you will feel at home! The holiday park is the ideal base for the perfect warm-up and cooling down during the festival weekend. A fresh start to the day in the indoor swimming pool or in the swimming pond before you visit the bustle of Pinkpop.... Or have a drink in the evening on the terrace or in the brown café on the village square at the resort to share all your experiences in a smaller group.... In short, Resort Limburg completes your Pinkpop visit! 

Wellness and luxury at the holiday parks

Another tip for Pinkpop guests is the wellness facilities in the swimming pool building. In other words: after all the jumping, hoshing and dancing on dry and wet surfaces you can enjoy a massage, beauty treatment and more. The large lots at the resort ensure, just like at Resort Brunssummerheide of course, that you will sleep in peace and quiet. For both resorts the following applies: each holiday home is furnished from the bedroom to the bathroom and from the kitchen to the living room only with high quality materials (A-brands). 

With your group of friends

Inspire your group of friends or fellow festival-goers outside the Pinkpop area and above all pamper yourself by opting for a high-quality overnight stay in a chalet, holiday home or group accommodation at EuroParcs Resort Brunssummerheide or EuroParcs Resort Limburg. Experience Pinkpop optimally with your friends from a comfortable group stay in the neighbourhood! Book the ideal base for Pinkpop now.

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