Corona Update 

The measures regarding the Corona virus (COVID-19) have far-reaching consequences for society and for your stay at Resort Poort van Zeeland. The safety of our employees and guests is our top priority, as public health is the guiding principle during this crisis. We frequently consult with the mayor and our industry organization HISWA-RECRON to ensure that we can inform you as best we can about your stay with us during this particularly uncertain time. The measures at the resort, as you can read below, are completely aimed at keeping people at a distance of 1.5 meters at all times. We will work with you to ensure this, so that we can remain open in a responsible manner during the corona crisis. We count on you! 

What is EuroParcs already doing? 

For all general measures, visit 

What specifically applies to Resort Poort van Zeeland? 

  • Our guests follow our advice not to travel to Hellevoetsluis until at least April 6. 
  • The catering facilities and all other facilities are closed. Also the Adventuredome. 
  • Everyone keeps 1.5 meters away. 
  • 1 person at a time in the reception
  • Try to pay in advance or by debit card as much as possible
  • We use a maximum number of people in the playgrounds;
  • We have given extra hygiene instructions to our employees and have taken extra hygiene measures around cleaning. 
  • We do not receive packages from delivery services. 
  • We do not shake hands and avoid physical contact. 
  • Group formation (accidentally or otherwise) at the resort is not permitted. If noted, the resort will be removed. 
  • All animation activities until June 1 have been canceled.

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