Information regarding the coronavirus COVID-19

Health Situation Coronavirus - Update after June 5th, 2021

We wish you a warm welcome to one of our holiday parks. In order to offer you a safe and relaxing stay, we ask you to read the following code of conduct drawn up by the HISWA-RECRON:

Always… Always keep 1,5 meters away from each other. Do you cough, do you have a cold or does a family member have a fever, stay home! Avoid too much crowds in nature or other areas, otherwise stay in or near your holiday home.

Good preparation… Check the website of the park where you are going to stay and that of the municipality for current information about special measures – such as closing off areas, paths, roads and parking spaces – and guidelines. Use cycling and walking apps so that you can map out the route accurately. The lobby can possibly help you with this.

A safe departure… EuroParcs is affiliated with HISWA-RECRON and has drawn up a Corona protocol in consultation. A copy is available at every lobby and can be requested digitally if necessary. Take note and follow the instructions. As a destination, avoid crowded places and busy times. The lobby can inform you about this.

• Can my stay at the park continue?
Yes that is allowed. The urgent advice from the central government is that holiday homes, just like in the home situation, are only rented out to one household or to a maximum of 4 people from different households. Children up to and including 12 years of age are not included. For example, you may be at a holiday address with 4 adults who live at a different address and 2 children aged 8 years. The 1.5 meter rule is observed for adults from different households.

Apart from the own family staying in a holiday home in the park, the advice for home visits (this also includes the reception of third parties at a holiday park) is to receive a maximum of 4 people per day. Children up to the age of 12 do not count. The maximum group size outside is 1 household or a maximum of four people. This means that someone can be outside with 3 others, or can do an activity with 3 others.

In summary: indoors, when you spend your holiday with us with your family and receive people in a holiday accommodation, you can be together with more people than in the open air. It goes without saying that we from EuroParcs Group strongly advise against this, because it is known that most infections take place in a home environment. In any case, all these guidelines apply: wash your hands regularly and keep 1,5 meters away from your own family members.

• Can I stay safely at the park?
Yes, we would like to emphasize that guests can still safely come to our parks/resorts. A lot is possible because we have taken our measures for a safe stay, under the motto #staysafe#safestay.

Safe check-in ► our check-in procedures are fully equipped for safety and according to the guidelines of the RIVM. In public areas such as the lobby wearing a mouth cap is mandatory, so our employees wear a mouth cap and this is also mandatory for the guests who check in.
Safe house ► Hygienic care for the home is fully focused on ensuring that you enter the home safely and cleanly, with extra attention being paid to contact surfaces.
Safe food ► meals from breakfast to dinner are delivered to the holiday home on order by the employees of our restaurants coronaproof. Pick up is also often possible.
Safe nature & fun ► you can fully enjoy and have fun with the nature around our parks.

• What are the cancellation conditions?
Do you still want to cancel or be rebooked to a park closer to home despite the explanation of the measures mentioned above? Then we can rebook you for free to another stay with an arrival date until December 31, 2021. If the changed booking costs are higher than the original booking, you pay the difference.

• If I have booked through a travel agency, can I rebook my stay through EuroParcs?
Unfortunately, we have to refer you to the travel agency where the booking was made.

• Why don't I get a refund if I want to cancel?
You have made a booking with us and the holiday home has been reserved for you during that period. You can enjoy a safe holiday with us and the house is ready for you for use, cleaned and well. We understand that during this special period there are people who prefer to stay at home, in such a case we are helpful and we book free of charge to another period with an arrival date until December 31, 2021 in another park if desired.

• How do you check in at EuroParcs?
We strive for as little physical contact as possible. Our front office employee will therefore call you in advance. He or she will discuss a time of arrival with you, so that we can ensure that not everyone arrives at the same time. Check-in takes place outside the lobby as much as possible. You will receive further arrival information by email.

• Are face masks mandatory at the park?
Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public and covered areas in the park, but not when you are outside of the park.

• Are the facilities at the park open?
Yes, different rules apply for each facility. An overview:

The catering industry (restaurants and cafes) can open again. The rules that go with it are:
· Opening hours are from 6am to 10pm. These times also apply to the terrace.
· Work is done in shifts. So guests arrive at a fixed time. A maximum of 2 shifts per table, per evening, are possible between 18.00 and 22.00.
· Every guest must make a reservation. This can be done through the catering industry itself. This requires a health check.
· Each guest/group has a fixed seat, where a maximum of 3 people can sit at 1 table. This does not apply to people from the same household and children up to the age of 12 do not count.
· Reservations can be made for a maximum of 4 people at the same time.
· Seating at the bar is not allowed. Self-service is also not allowed.
· In the catering industry, no artists are allowed to perform and no sports competitions may be watched on a screen. Background music is allowed.
· There may be a maximum of 50 people in the room, which does not include personnel. A maximum of 50 people per terrace applies to terraces.
· It is not allowed to deliver or collect food or drinks between 01.00 and 06.00.
· No alcoholic beverages may be sold between 10pm and 6am.

In addition: you can also have meals delivered 'at home' to the holiday homes or pick them up at the restaurant. You can order very easily via the EuroParcs App or by telephone at the restaurant at the park.

Sports and outdoor venues
· Adults are allowed to work out again in groups of up to 50 people without keeping 1,5 meters away if necessary for sports. This relaxation was already in force for young people and children.

In addition: our swimming pools and fitness centers are open, but only by appointment and for a limited number of people in accordance with the corona guidelines. You may only swim laps in the pool, showering must be done in your accommodation. Furthermore, our outdoor games and sports locations, such as playgrounds, tennis courts and multifunctional sports fields, are fully open again.

Wellness/fitness/game locations (animation)
· Our wellness, fitness and game locations, such as indoor play paradises, can open again. A maximum of 1 person per 10 square meters or a maximum of 50 people per space at a distance of 1.5 meters applies.
· Reservations, registration and a health check are required. Reservations can be made through Recreation Center or through the front office.
· A reservation is for a maximum of 4 people, with the exception of children and persons of the same household.
· Wearing a mouth cap inside is mandatory.

• What about ordering and collecting meals in the evening?
You can pick up when the restaurant is open until 8.45 pm, meals can be delivered to the holiday home after 9 pm, but that depends on what time the restaurant's kitchen is open. Look for this in the EuroParcs app or ask the lobby staff.

• Can I also have lunch or dinner on the terrace?
Yes, that is allowed in the new COVID-19 guidelines.

• Is there animation in the park?
In any case, during the school holidays and with recognized public holidays and the summer holidays. The animation is offered both online and physically. The latter is done outdoors from the perspective of COVID-19. You can read the (online) animation program in the EuroParcs app.

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