Information concerning the coronavirus COVID-19

Corona virus health situation - latest update: 14 October 2020

#staysafe #safestay
First of all, we would like to emphasize that as a guest you can still safely come to our parks/resorts. We observe the measures for a safe stay, under the motto #staysafe #safestay.

#safefood the collection and/or delivery of meals is possible
#safenature&fun you can fully enjoy and enjoy the nature around our parks; swimming pools are open by reservation only.
#safeincheck our check-in procedures are fully equipped for safety and according to RIVM guidelines and our employees wear mouth caps. The reception will contact our guests in advance to arrange the check-in. This to spread the crowds. If there is no contact, the reception will send an e-mail. On vacation parks where this is possible, we check in outside.
#safehouse the hygienic care of the house is fully focused on getting into the house safe and clean, extra attention is paid to contact surfaces.

All catering establishments are closed by order of the Cabinet as of Wednesday, October 14, 22.00 hours. However, meals can still be delivered and/or picked up corona-proof 'at home' at the vacation homes. We no longer sell alcohol after 20.00 hours. Cafeterias are open for collection and delivery.

Swimming pool
For the time being, the swimming pools are open upon reservation, as is already the case. Please note: showers are closed and there is extra cleaning.

Animation and indoor playgrounds
Activities for children up to 13 years of age take place in the open air as much as possible and are for a maximum of 30 people. The animation program is corona-proof. Adults are not allowed in the indoor playgrounds/paradises. Children up to 13 years of age are allowed to play there, however, there is no supervision.

Resort De Kempen
Resort De Kempen is located in Belgium, which is why we are happy to inform you about travel advice in and to Belgium

Do you want to cancel despite the explanation of the above measures? Then your stay can be rebooked. Do you have an arrival date before 1 November 2020? Then you can also receive a voucher if you do not want to be rebooked.

From the Cabinet there is no restriction for vacations in your own country. Do you want to cancel despite the explanation of the above measures? Then your stay can be rebooked, for example, to a park/resort closer to where you live in order to limit the travel distance if possible. On the other hand, your stay can be rebooked to a later date or receive a voucher if it concerns an arrival date before 15 November 2020. We do not give money back, because a safe stay at our parks/resorts is possible. 

Number of guests in a vacation home
The urgent advice of the central government is that, just as in the home situation, vacation homes should only be rented to one family and a maximum of 3 persons who do not belong to the family. Children up to 12 years of age are not included. Groups may consist of a maximum of 4 adults. We will follow the explanation of HISWA-Recron until further notice.

Group accommodations
For group bookings we follow the same advice as for a house in the home situation, see above under vacation home. This means that during the period of tightening the rules, we do not make bookings for groups of persons unless one household plus 3 from other households (excluding children up to 12 years old).

More information and frequently asked questions
For more information about the measures travel and go on vacation in your own country from the central government or the HISWA-RECRON measures:

Corona virus health situation - update: 20 August 2020

All our holiday parks are open again. The communal sanitary blocks on our campsites are also open again.

At the moment it is valid;

  • Most of the facilities are open, where necessary adapted working methods and/or opening hours apply.
  • EuroParcs takes appropriate measures to ensure that guests are kept 1.5 metres away from each other.  
  • Code Orange applies to Dutch guests. This has consequences for your stay at Resort De Kempen. For all information, go to
  • Code Oranje also applies to Belgian guests for certain Dutch regions. For the most concise advice, consult the website of the Federal government:

Frequently asked questions

Are the facilities at the holiday parks open?
The facilities at the holiday parks are usually open. Some facilities have adapted working methods and/or opening hours.

I have a booking. Can I change my booking or exchange it for a corona voucher?
Holidaying on one of our holiday parks is currently possible. If you wish to cancel your booking, the Recron conditions apply. These can be found here. It is not possible to exchange your holiday for a corona voucher. Now that holidays at one of our holiday parks are possible, we no longer issue corona vouchers.

I have a booking with a larger group. Can I stay with you?
It is possible to stay with several families in a large accommodation. There must then be sanitary facilities per household. Because our larger holiday homes have several bathrooms, you are therefore very welcome.

Which corona measures does EuroParcs take?

  • We do everything we can to keep our guests 1.5 metres away. 
  • In our catering establishments there is a maximum number of visitors taking into account the 1.5 meter measure. To regulate this, reservation is required. The latter does not apply to the outside terraces. 
  • Our indoor and outdoor swimming pools are open. We do, however, work with a maximum number of visitors. In order to regulate this, registration in advance is required.
  • Our indoor playgrounds are open. There is also a maximum number of visitors.

Is there entertainment available at the holiday parks?
There is entertainment on almost all holiday parks. These follow the normal animation program and take into account the 1.5 meter measure.

We can imagine that you have questions about your upcoming reservation. Our team of staff is ready to help you. We are very busy, but we will do our best to answer your questions as soon as possible. You can ask your question to on +31 (0)88 070 8090.

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