Information regarding the coronavirus COVID-19

Health Situation Coronavirus - Update after the press conference of March 23, 2021

We wish you a warm welcome to one of our holiday parks. In order to offer you a safe and relaxing stay, we ask you to read the following code of conduct drawn up by the HISWA-RECRON:

Always… Always keep 1.5 meters apart. If you are coughing, have a cold or a family member has a fever, stay at home! Avoid crowds in nature or other areas, otherwise stay in or at your holiday home.

Good preparation ... Check the website of the park where you are going to stay and that of the municipality for current information about special measures - such as closing off areas, paths, roads and parking lots - and guidelines. Make use of cycling and walking apps so that you can map out the route accurately. The lobby can help you with this if necessary.

A safe departure ... EuroParcs is affiliated with HISWA-RECRON and has drawn up a Corona protocol in consultation. A copy is available at every lobby and can be requested digitally. Take note of it and follow the instructions. As a destination, avoid crowded places and busy times. The lobby can inform you about this.

• Can my stay at the park continue?
Yes that is allowed. The measure of the National Government is that holiday homes, as in the home situation, are only rented out to one household and a maximum of 1 person who does not belong to this household or 2 persons from different households also applies for our holiday parks. Children up to and including 12 years old are not included. For adults from different households, the 1.5 m rule is observed.
• Can I stay safely at the park?
Yes, we would like to emphasize that guests can still get to our parks / resorts safely. A lot is possible because we have taken our measures for a safe stay, under the motto #staysafe #safestay.

Safe check-in ► our check-in procedures are fully designed for safety and according to the guidelines of the RIVM. In public areas such as the lobby, wearing a face mask is mandatory, so our employees wear a face mask and this is also mandatory for guests checking in.
Safe house ► hygienic care for the home is fully aimed at ensuring that you enter the home safely and cleanly, extra attention is paid to contact surfaces
Safe food ► meals from breakfast to dinner are delivered to order by the employees of our restaurants corona proof at the holiday home or can be picked up at the restaurant.
Safe nature & fun ► you can fully enjoy and enjoy the nature around our parks.

Does the curfew also apply at the holiday park?
Yes, the corona measures are also observed at the holiday park. That means you will be asked to stay in the vacation rental between 10:00 PM and 4:30 AM when you stay with us.
• Can my stay in a family bungalow continue?
Yes that is allowed. For group bookings we follow the same advice as for a house in the home situation, see above under holiday home. This means that during the period of tightening of the rules, we will not make bookings for groups of persons unless one household and 1 person from another household (except for children up to and including the age of 12.) Between adult persons from different households, the 1.5 m distance rule must be observed.

• What are the cancellation conditions?
Despite the explanation of the above measures, do you still want to cancel or be rebooked to a park closer to home? Then we can rebook you for free. If the changed booking costs are higher than the original booking, you pay the difference.

• If I have booked through a travel agency, can I rebook my stay through EuroParcs?
Unfortunately, we have to refer you to the travel agency where the booking was made.

• Why am I not getting a refund if I want to cancel?
You have made a booking with us and the holiday home has been reserved for you during that period. You can enjoy a safe holiday with us and the house is ready for use, cleaned and well. We understand that during this special period there are people who prefer to stay at home, in such a case we are helpful and we rebook free of charge to another period or, if desired, another park.

• How do you check in at EuroParcs?
We strive for as little physical contact as possible. Our front office employee will therefore call you in advance. He or she will discuss a time of arrival with you, so that we can ensure that not everyone arrives at the same time. Check-in takes place outside the lobby as much as possible. You will receive further arrival information by email.

• Are the opening hours of the lobby changing?
For the current times, please refer to the Europarcs website. We ask you to ask any questions by telephone or email as much as possible, so that physical contact is necessary as little as possible. The park's telephone number and email address can be found on the park map, on the door of the lobby and / or the EuroParcs app.

• Are mouth masks mandatory in the park?
Wearing a face mask is mandatory in public and covered areas in the park, but not when you are outside of the park.

• Are the facilities in the park open?
We adhere to the measures imposed by the government. All restaurants are closed by order of the cabinet. Guests can, however, receive meals at the holiday homes coronaproof 'home' or collect them from the restaurant. You can easily order by phone at the restaurant in the park or via their website.
Swimming pools, wellness, fitness and play paradises will be closeduntil further notice. Any tennis courts (max. 2 people + 1.5 m line) are open.
• How is the cleaning of my accommodation performed now?
Our cleaners will pay extra attention to contact surfaces with disinfectants. Keep an eye on our website and the EuroParcs App for additional information.

• Is there entertainment in the park?
The entertainment program starts on February 12. Ask the reception about the possibilities.

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