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Welcome to EuroParcs Bad Hulckesteijn

EuroParcs Bad Hulckesteijn is located directly on the banks of the Veluwemeer and bordering the province of Flevoland. The direct location on the water makes this holiday park perfectly suited for water sports enthusiasts among us. You will also be in the beautiful Veluwe forests, the green Flevoland polders or the medieval city center of Amersfoort in no time.

Water and roller coasters

Water sports enthusiasts can indulge themselves at EuroParcs Bad Hulckesteijn. Get on the surfboard, take a dip in the water, hoist the sails or take a trip with the motorboat. Right next to the park is De Zuidwal marina where you can launch your boat (for a fee) and a beach. At Strandhuys Nijkerk you can enjoy a snack and a drink. Within half an hour you are also in Walibi Holland where you can take dizzying rides on roller coasters such as the Condor and the Goliath (not in winter).

Medieval Amersfoort and the Veluwe

Discover the medieval city center of Amersfoort, which is bursting with history and culture. Visit interesting museums or enjoy a night out at FLUOR or De Flint theater. Nearby are also charming towns such as Putten and Ermelo, where the vast moors and lush forests of the Veluwe begin. We recommend a cycling or walking tour through the beautiful Speulder and Sprielderbos, also known as the forest of the dancing trees. Are you a foodie? Then a visit to the culinary village of Vierhouten is worthwhile. In October the whole village is all about the Wild Days (a culinary event about wild meat).

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  • Located near the water


  • Reception


  • Restaurant


  • Wi-Fi on resort (free)


  • Wellness possibilities
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Sport and game

  • Indoor Pool
  • Fishing facilities
  • Playground(s)
  • E-chopper rental

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EuroParcs Bad Hulckesteijn Hulckesteijn 3 3861 MZ Nijkerk Route to the park

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