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This is the place for peace seekers and nature lovers. EuroParcs Koningshof is located in the picturesque village of Schoorl, on the edge of the Schoorlse Duinen National Park (The dunes of Schoorl). High sand dunes and old forests characterize this nature reserve in the top of North Holland. Hikers can also indulge themselves here: in the area you will find more than 60 kilometers of hiking trails!

Old Dutch houses and picturesque Schoorl

Thanks to the green avenues and the old-Dutch look of the houses, you immediately get the ultimate holiday feeling at EuroParcs Koningshof. The park is surrounded by forest, is only 7 kilometers from the beach and is within walking distance of Schoorl. The streets of the picturesque village invite you to a walk and take a steep climb to the top of De Klimduin. The dunes start in Schoorl in the middle of the village!

Schoorlse Duinen National Park

EuroParcs Koningshof is located in the middle of one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the Netherlands: the Schoorlse Duinen (the dunes of Schoorl). Wander over the vast purple moors, through the rugged forests and over the drifting dunes. In some places the dunes are 5 km wide and reach a height of 54 meters. A mountainbike route has also been plotted in the dunes and you will find more than 60 kilometers of marked hiking routes. So you won't get out of here quickly! A popular cycling route is the 'brede duinen route' (45 km), which takes you along most of the sand dunes and the village. EuroParcs Koningshof is a wonderful place to get a breath of fresh air and unwind.

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National Park the Schoorl Dunes

National Park the Schoorl Dunes

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