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EuroParcs aims to make your experience as enjoyable as possible, both at our parks and on our website. Cookies help to realise such an experience of the website.

Cookies are data sent from a website and stored in the memory of your browser. Placing these cookies allows EuroParcs to serve you better, now and in the future. These cookies are used to track actions of users on our website in order to collect user information for 3 purposes:

1. The functioning of the website, 2. To optimise the website in terms of user-friendliness, 3. To identify interests and analyse behaviour in order to offer relevant ads.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies are used to increase user convenience so that, for example, you do not need to constantly make the same selection or log in if you have already done so. Cookies are placed when booking a stay. The booking process consists of several steps and to remember the entered data, EuroParcs uses cookies to realise the progress of the booking process. For example, when you visit another internal page or refresh the site. The functional cookies are necessary for the functioning of the website.

Analytics cookies

EuroParcs uses Google Analytics cookies to collect and monitor valuable data about how our website is used. For example: to identify problems and to find out what needs to be improved on the site and what content is useful. The information we collect through our website is used to optimise the website in terms of user-friendliness.

The Google Analytics cookies are set in accordance with the guidelines of the Data Protection Authority. EuroParcs has concluded a data processor agreement with Google. The last part of the IP address is masked so that we cannot see the actual IP address. We have also switched off 'data sharing', which means that data regarding demographics and interests are not included in our Analytics. Nor does EuroParcs use other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies are used to track visitors of different websites and thus profile user behaviour, enabling EuroParcs to display relevant advertisements to the user.

Remarketing tags are used to identify a visitor's surfing behaviour. We use the data we collect to show relevant advertisements and to ensure that advertisements are no longer shown if you have already used them or if you have seen them several times. Without these cookies, you are more likely to see irrelevant ads from us. Even without cookies, you may see advertisements from EuroParcs.

To purely monitor the effect of remarketing campaigns we use the conversion pixels of Google Ads. This allows EuroParcs to monitor the campaigns and measure the revenue from the conversions.

More information about Google, ad cookies and how to manage them: Google Privacy and advertising terms and conditions.


EuroParcs reserves the right to make amendments to the privacy statement. Please check the privacy statement regularly for any updates.

'EuroParcs' shall be understood to mean: Resort Limburg B.V., Resort De Achterhoek B.V., Resort De Rijp B.V., Resort Veluwemeer B.V., Resort Reestervallei B.V., Resort Poort van Amsterdam B.V., Resort Brunssummerheide B.V., Resort De Biesbosch B.V., Resort Poort van Zeeland B.V., Resort Zuiderzee B.V., Resort De Wije Werelt B.V., Resort De Kempen B.V.B.A., Resort Markermeer B.V., Resort Kaatsheuvel B.V., Camping en Jachthaven Poort van Amsterdam, Resort De Kraaijenbergse Plassen B.V., EuroParcs B.V. and its affiliated companies.