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Tiny Offices

Tiny Offices at EuroParcs

The Tiny Offices are a first step towards the recreation and work of the future. As a modern recreation company, we notice that the boundary between leisure and work is slowly fading. Some holidaymakers want to do some work undisturbed, while others visit our parks to gain inspiration and new energy for a personal project.

That is why EuroParcs offers Tiny Offices; compact workspaces in inspiring locations with different resources that support the creative process. At EuroParcs you can come and work freely with a view of the soothing nature.

Read more information about our Tiny Offices, how to use them and what the benefits of these smart workplaces are on this page.

Tiny Office Outside De Zanding

Tiny Offices in the Veluwe

EuroParcs De Zanding has a fantastic location in the Veluwe village Otterlo, with De Hoge Veluwe National Park just around the corner. It also has various facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool, wellness, restaurants and a natural lake with beach. The location in the middle of nature gives you a relaxed feeling and works perfectly as a source of inspiration. Spend a few hours working in a Tiny Office at EuroParcs De Zanding and the most creative ideas will be born!

Tiny Office Laptop De Zanding

Tiny Offices near Amsterdam

Looking for an inspiring and peaceful environment for a meeting or project, close to the capital? There are two Tiny Offices at EuroParcs Spaarnwoude, less than a 20-minute drive from Amsterdam. This holiday park is popular with the business market because of its central location, modern and luxurious accommodations, good catering and available meeting space. The Tiny Offices are therefore the perfect addition and make it possible to work undisturbed with a beautiful view.

Book your Tiny Office at EuroParcs De Zanding or EuroParcs Spaarnwoude or you can inform about the rates. This can be done via the receptions of the relevant parks or by filling in the contact form below.

Tiny Office Spaarnwoude Inside

Praktische informatie

  • Er zijn voldoende stopcontacten aanwezig in de Tiny Offices

  • De Tiny Offices zijn afsluitbaar met een sleutel; ideaal om even een korte break te houden

  • Koffie en thee is gratis verkrijgbaar bij de receptie op het park

  • Er is geen toilet aanwezig, daarvoor verwijzen we je graag naar de lobby. Even de benen strekken ;-)

  • Er zijn allerlei middelen aanwezig die het creatieve proces ondersteunen:

    • Pennen en stiften

    • Notitieblok

    • Punaises

    • Rekenmachine

  • Maak gebruik van deze middelen, maar laat deze ook liggen voor de volgende persoon.

  • Heb je een goede sessie gehad? Vergeet je spullen niet (op te ruimen)!

Woman Laptop

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Frequently asked questions

You can book a Tiny Office by filling in the contact form of the Customer Contact Center. Choose whether you want to book a Tiny Office at EuroParcs De Zanding or EuroParcs Spaarnwoude and select 'Tiny Office' in the subject line. The Tiny offices can also be booked through the receptions of EuroParcs De Zanding and EuroParcs Spaarnwoude.

The Tiny Offices can be used by the guests of EuroParcs De Zanding and EuroParcs Spaarnwoude. For example, you can withdraw during the holiday to work undisturbed or you can go on holiday to gain new inspiration for a personal project. The Tiny Offices are available per half day and can be reserved in advance. Inquire about this at the reception or fill in the contact form by choosing holiday park EuroParcs De Zanding or Spaarnwoude and subject 'Tiny Office'.

Tiny Offices can also be used by guests and owners. Are you not staying at the park, but would you still like a Tiny Office? This is possible by filling in the contact form with holiday park EuroParcs De Zanding van Spaarnwoude and the subject 'Tiny Office'. They can be booked per part of the day for a fee.

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