The Brunssummerheide

The Brunssummerheide

Resort Brunssummerheide borders directly on the nature reserve De Brunssummerheide. This is a varied nature reserve. Walk through the remnants of the former pine forests or along the pieces of deciduous forest. Enjoy the space on the open sand plains and the characteristic fens. The heath is also varied. On the drier parts you can see heather growing and on the wetter parts heath. The heath is interspersed with grasses, shrubs and trees. The variety ensures that many different animals can live. You look your eyes out!

Playing in nature

In the nature reserve De Brunssummerheide there are many playgrounds for children to discover. Come and climb, clamber, romp, build huts and much more in nature at Brunssummerheide. It's like a child's dream come true. Where do you start? With a ravot place for the little ones, a construction-your-own forest, a discovery pool and an animal-tree sculpture route, the choice is huge. With many nice playgrounds in the nature is next to the Ravotplek also an apiary to view and there is a field where many small animals come to see. In short, stimulate the senses by playing in nature and experience it!

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