Toddler entertainment

Enjoy a toddler / toddler midweek at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel!

Especially in these special times it is important that your toddler and / or toddler gets enough stimuli to continue to develop. EuroParcs offers a tailor-made program at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel during the low season with the toddler / toddler midweek! That means a voyage of discovery through and through in which your little love at the EuroParcs' resort in Kaatsheuvel gets more than enough exercise and a lot of cognitive stimuli. Playing at EuroPacs Resort Kaatsheuvel during the toddler / toddler midweek gets a learning aspect. In the present day and age, this alone is an added value due to the fact that schools close due to illness of teachers. In addition, the toddler / toddler midweek at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel offers you the opportunity to deepen the bond with your child even further.

In concrete terms, the toddler / toddler holds midweek at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel in the morning at 9.45 am children's yoga for motor development and at 10.30 am together creatively painting, tinkering, cutting or otherwise engaged in such a way that the child has a sparkle in it. the eyes and a flush on the cheeks. In the afternoon at 4.30 pm there is a so-called toddler dance with a view to the motor development and finally there is an interactive reading from 6.30 pm, before going to sleep. This is important for the language development of toddlers and toddlers. In any case, the development of the child is central during the toddler / toddler midweek at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel. Social. Cognitive. Motor. In solution thinking. And in terms of stimulation of the fantasy. Parents are given an active role during the toddler / toddler midweek, so that the old-child relationship is further strengthened at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel.

For those who in this context get a thought like yoga for children, is that something for my son or daughter ?: yes, because the exercises are not performance-oriented. It is about stretching and stretching, in a playful way together. Children's yoga teaches children and especially young children to persevere, to be patient and to work towards a goal. If a certain posture succeeds, self-confidence is increased. It increases awareness and concentration.

By the way, you can also do more than enough with your little miracle outside the official toddler / toddler midweek program. There is extra entertainment provided by Beau and Bloem, the EuroParcs mascots. And the surroundings of EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel are perfect for adventures. The Efteling is just around the corner! In addition, the children can romp in the Loonse and Drunense dunes, which are also located at EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel. This nature reserve is also suitable for walking and cycling and it is also possible to link a pony ride through the forest and / or a covered wagon ride to the toddler / toddler midweek. There are separate costs associated with this. For more information about EuroParcs Resort Kaatsheuvel in general and the toddler / toddler midweek in particular, please refer to the reception of the resort.

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