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Please contact EuroParcs Resort Limburg

Would you like to get in touch with EuroParcs Resort Limburg in Susteren? You can do this by using the contact information below or by filling in the contact form. We will be happy to help you and will be happy to help you. We will try to be of the best possible service.

EuroParcs Resort Limburg

Hommelweg 2
6114 RT Susteren

Contact information
+31 (0)88 070 80 90

Want to book a holiday home?

You can book online through our booking system or by phone at +31 (0)088 070 80 90. You can also make and place a booking by sending us an email.

Car on the holiday park Resort Limburg
Per holiday home, group accomodation or (private) camp site, you're allowed to enter the park to the maximum of two cars. You'll have to park your car on the for that purpose intended parking places. Other cars are allowed to be parked on the parking place  outside the barrier. It's true that this parking place is situated inside the  gate. We sincerely request you to use your car inside the park as little as possible because of the security  as well as for the benefit of the greenery.

Public transport
From the Dutch Railways station in Susteren you can take a cab to Resort Limburg; unfortuately however, there is no bus connection to our park. From the railway station you'll have to walk to our park in about thirty minutes. Leaving the railway station,  you'll have to turn to the right and follow the Spoorstreet. After about a hundred meters , you'll come across  a staircase on your right side. After having gone down  this staircase you'll  have to keep going on through  the tunnel. At the next staircase you're going up  again, leaving the tunnel behind and then you just have to follow the Rijdtstreet straight ahead. At the eind of Susteren you'll see Resort Limburg situated on your right side. You'll  have to enter the Hommelweg by turning to the right and by just following  this road you'll finally  encounter the entry to Resort Limburg at your right side.   

On Resort Limburg, a maximum of 2 pets are allowed in most vacation homes. There are also pet-free homes. You can give you preference during booking.

On New Year's Eve fireworks may be ignited at the places designated for this purpose.

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