Adventuredome - Playing indoors

Playing indoors!

Is the weather not so great? That's okay because playing indoors at Adventuredome is like a party! There's no chance of boredom here because the possibilities are endless! Come climb and scramble in the Sky Walker or build a giant castle in the Lego House. Choose an activity that suits you and you'll never want to go home!

Escape room

From 12 years

The escape room is all the rage right now. Escaping the escape room of Adventuredome is a unique experience. The guests will assume the role of James Bond and take on the nerve-racking challenge. The team member's brains work at full capacity to solve the puzzles and riddles. Time is ticking mercilessly and it is always the question whether the team members will control their nerves.

Do you dare to take the challenge?
Discover our packages and combine escaping with a delicious three-course menu. Ideal for team building or just for a day out with family or friends.

Glow in the Dark Mini Golf

Fun for the whole family

The latest trend in terms of golfing: glow-in-the-dark minigolf. Or in other words: midget golf in the dark. Hit a ball at the 8-hole course and imagine yourself in the ocean. Sharks and dolphins are swimming around and there's even a sunken ship.

From toddler and child to grandpa and grandma, everyone gets happy from the bright colors that illuminate in the dark.

Tip: paint your nails in a fluorescent color or put on something fluorescent. You'll light up too!


Creep and crawl

Imagine yourself in a pirate fort. Creep and crawl through various passages. Climb up. Slide down. Exciting: when you go all the way to the top, you are almost five meters above the ground!


From 6 years old

Load your gun. Take cover because, with a double floor, an attack always comes unexpectedly. Dive into a trench. Hide behind an army wreck, fence, or container. And try to hit as many opponents as possible with a lasergame. The special effects, lighting, smoke, and banging music make this exciting game complete.

Beware! It's sometimes hard to see far away at the low-lit battlefield. Lasergaming at Adventuredome combined with the brasserie The Grand Wood is ideal for company outings and bachelor parties.

Book in advance to ensure a spot and avoid long waiting periods.

Lego House

Enjoyable building

Between climbing and scrambling, you can retreat to the Lego house. It's full of large Lego blocks. Do you want to build a gigantic house with other children? Or rather make something beautiful on your own? It's all possible.

There are just so many Lego blocks, they won't all be gone at the same time.

Sky Walker

For climbers with guts

Climbing and scrambling at great heights in a stranded sailing ship. You do need to have the guts, the Skywalker is almost seven meters high.

Do you dare to slide down from the highest point? You don't shy away from climbing in nets and ropes? Then face the Skywalker!

Soft Play Area

Exclusively for small children

Only small children can play in the shielded play area that was made especially for them. Build your own fort with mega building blocks. The blocks don't hurt because they are nice and soft.

And ideal: parents sit right next to the play area.


Come jump on our trampolines! You can jump to your heart's content! Make the most beautiful jumps and go as high as you can! It's almost as if you're flying!

€1 per 7 minutes per child.

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