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EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen

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Welcome to EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen

In the beautiful province of Brabant you will find all the ingredients for a wonderful family holiday. EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen is surrounded by swimmingpool and natural water. Not only is it located at the Kraaijenbergse Plassen, it also has an open sailing connection with the Maas. Walk or cycle through the Mookerheide or visit Nijmegen, the oldest city in the Netherlands.

Water and green forests

From EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen you can take a dip in the swimming water of the Kraaijenbergse Plassen, and you can also sail up the Maas in a boat. Large lakes, moors, sand drifts and old forests adorn the Brabant landscape in the Land van Cuijk. Such as the well-known Sint Anthonis Staatsbossen (Saint Anthony Forest) and the Overloon forest, for example. Wonderful places for a walk or bike ride.

From the Romans to Nijmegen

There has been much fighting in this area since the time of the Romans. Many roads converged at Cuijk, making this a well-known junction and the Romans built a large bridge over the Maas here. If you want to know more about that Roman period, visit Museum Ceuclum in Cuijk. The fact that Cuijk and the surrounding area prospered was also reflected in the construction of castles, such as Tongelaar Castle. Everything in Nijmegen reminds us of times gone by. In the oldest city in the Netherlands you will find sights such as the Grote Markt (big market), the Grote Kerk (big church) and medieval buildings in the lower city. Archeology Museum De Bastei gives you a glimpse into the underground passages of the city. Museum Park Heilige Land Stichting and amusement park Tivoli in Berg en Dal are also interesting sights.

Work activities at the holiday park

Garden maintenance takes place all year round. In addition, there are also sometimes necessary activities. We do our utmost to keep any inconvenience to you as a guest to a minimum. If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

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Brasserie op den Drul





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Sport and game

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EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen Den Drul 19 5439 NR Linden Route to the park

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