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Take your four-legged friend, your winged comrade, your pet - dog, cat, parakeet, guinea pig - with you on holiday! He or she is welcome at all EuroParcs holiday parks! At EuroParcs it's Animal Day every day, because we think that your best friend deserves a well-deserved holiday. EuroParcs loves pets and pets love EuroParcs. Not so much because of the comfort of the holiday home (although this is of course a pleasant side effect for an animal), nor because of our rich facilities and facilities in the holiday parks, because that will be your dog's worst, but because of the location of those EuroParcs' resorts. Running through nature and swimming in water ... The view of only 'green', other animals and birds ... So must a free dog or cat feel! That animal feeling and the love that you and we as a company have for our four-legged friends we bring every day extra in the spotlight, because your pet is very welcome!

Bei EuroParcs sind Hunde willkommen! Beachten Sie bitte, dass pro Ferienhaus maximal zwei Haustiere erlaubt sind. Lassen Sie sich in der Such- und Buchmaske dafür über den Filter zum Beispiel nur Ferienhäuser anzeigen, in denen Hunde erlaubt sind. 

Für Haustiere haben wir in der Suchfunktion am Ende dieser Seite bereits den Filter "Haustiere" für Sie aktiviert. Hier können Sie auch einstellen, ob Sie lieber am Rande des hundefreundlichen Ferienparks übernachten möchten, um mit Ihrem Hund im Wald spazieren gehen zu können. Sowohl die Umgebung als auch alle Ferienparks von EuroParcs sind ideal für einen Urlaub mit Hund.

Walking with your dog in the Streekbos

And then every EuroParcs holiday park has a nice bonus for the faithful four-legged friend in the house or rather in the area. On holiday park EuroParcs Resort Markermeer, situated near Bovenkarspel, the swimming water for the dog is just a few meters from the holiday home. In addition, it is wonderful for him or her in the area and the nearby Regional Forest in Bovenkarspel or Robbenoordbos north of Medemblik.

Exploring with the dog in a whisper boat

Holiday park EuroParcs Resort De Rijp is located on the Noordhollandsch canal which is always good for a refreshing splash. On the other side of the holiday park is the nature reserve De Eilandspolder. You can explore this with your dog on a whisper boat. That means: mooring at old-Dutch wilderness with meadows that are almost under water, reed of which you don't know what's hidden behind it and bushes in which perhaps a family of foxes lives. Also interesting is the nearby Alkmaardermeer, especially the island of De Woude. This has beautiful footpaths, directly adjacent to untouched nature.

With dog and all on holiday 

At holiday park EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam near Uitdam, the water is waiting for your dog in a challenging way. You can also take beautiful walks with your pet on the Markermeerdijk. 

Resort De Biesbosch at the water
With my dog on a voyage of discovery 

If you go here for the view, at holiday park EuroParcs Resort De Biesbosch the challenge lies precisely in the confusing swamp landscape of water, islands, high reed and dense vegetation. Here, in the Dutch Biesbosch, which is located directly opposite the holiday park near Dordrecht, your dog will not only have to rely on his eyes but also on his nose during his journey of discovery.

An unforgettable adventure for dog and owner 

At holiday park EuroParcs Resort Poort van Zeeland near Hellevoetsluis you and your dog will experience the pure beach feeling. That means stick or ball in your hand and throw it! This is also possible in the dunes so that your animal's muscles are trained a little more when climbing them. The dunes of Voorne-Putten are among the richest in Western Europe. Many species of butterflies and snails and some rare mice live here. In short, an unforgettable adventure for dog and owner! 

Travelling with your pet 

And discover more special animals and an even more hilly terrain on holiday park EuroParcs Resort Brunssummerheide, located at the highest point of Brunssum in South Limburg. This holiday park is located on the special Brunssummerheide and more generally in a landscape of forests, streams, fens, sand drifts and heathland.

Your pet and you 

You and your pet like hills and water. Then choose holiday park EuroParcs Resort Limburg. That is twenty minutes from the hills. Another advantage of this holiday park is that with your four-legged friend you can be in Germany or Belgium in ten minutes for more adventure!

I'm going on vacation and I'm taking... my dog! 

The space is also available at holiday park EuroParcs Resort De Achterhoek near Lochem. This is a vast area with forests, interspersed with farmland and hedgerows. A nice work-out for you and your dog are the Lochemse Berg and the Kale Berg. They are part of a 171 hectare nature reserve. Only the wooded Lochemse Berg, with a lookout tower from 1893 on top, is already fifty meters high.

Ideal for you and your dog 

Many more forests can be found at holiday park EuroParcs Resort De Wije Werelt near Otterlo, because this holiday park is located in the middle of the Veluwe, near National Park De Hoge Veluwe and the nature reserve Het Planken Wambuis. The semi-open landscape of Het Planken Wambuis, where grass, heathland, streams and even old burial mounds alternate, is ideal for the dog.

My owner and I

The EuroParcs Resort Veluwemeer holiday park is also close to the Veluwe, but here you can also benefit from a water-rich landscape. An environment where you can play with your dog and make beautiful walks.

Sniff and your dog is going to love it

Holiday park EuroParcs Resort Zuiderzee even has a sandy beach with a length of one kilometre, so there are countless opportunities for you and your dog to splash around. Moreover, here you have the space to run over the beach with each other. And: there is also a lot of nature to be found in the area from this holiday park!

Experience the forest with your dog

You and your dog can also experience the forest at EuroParcs Resort Reestervallei because this holiday park is also located in a forest. Moreover, here too you have swimming and beach fun with swimming pond De Zwarte Dennen, a short distance from the holiday park. What's special about this resort is the varied environment: you'll find pine forest, deciduous forest and a reed/swamp landscape within five minutes of the park!

Holidaying with your pets

The beautiful wooded area of the Antwerp Kempen is ready to be explored by you and your four-legged friend. Enjoy a wonderful walk or bike ride with your dog from EuroParcs Resort Zilverstrand, located in beautiful Belgium.

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