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Stay at EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam, your ideal base for this sailing event!

Keen to visit SAIL? Then book your accommodation at EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam, the ideal location to prepare for the event nearby and enjoy every minute of it to the full. In fact, chances are you will be able to admire the tall ships sail by from the catering establishments at the resort in Uitdam or from the quay or the beach, just a short walk away. A beautiful show reminiscent of the Dutch Golden Age, when we conquered the seas across the globe with our ships (photo credits: Roel Vincken, SAIL Amsterdam 2015).

SAIL 2020 would be the 10th edition and although we are just waiting for new dates, the event will take place in Amsterdam, where the IJ will host large sailing ships from all over the world. This year’s eye-catchers include the three-masters, such as the Dutch Europa, the German Alexander von Humboldt II, the French ‘grand old lady’ Belem and the Norwegian Christian Radich, which was featured in the 1970s TV series The Onedin Line. Let’s take a minute to shine the spotlight on the Dutch Europa. This ship first took to sea in 1994 and has meanwhile earned itself a reputation as a magnificent sailing boat. A 14-strong professional crew is accompanied by a maximum of 48 guest crew members of all ages and nationalities. Europa is known and admired by many for its expeditions around Antarctica. A few years ago, the ship left for a journey around the world alongside the Dutch Tall Ships Oosterschelde and Tecla. They took part in various festivities in Sydney, Australia, among others.

SAIL is just a 20-minute drive from Resort Poort van Amsterdam. You can reach the event by bus from nearby Monnickendam. Entry is free of charge. Why not combine this wonderful event with a stay at EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam? SAIL is a fun experience for anyone who loves water sports, but it is also impressive for children and a surprising treat for passers-by. In a nutshell, everyone is more than welcome! 

Looking for accommodation in a beautiful location while visiting SAIL? Book your stay at EuroParcs, your perfect base for the largest freely accessible event in the Netherlands. Admire beautiful ships from all over the world, meet the crew and share this unique experience with visitors from the Netherlands and beyond! Ready to set sail? 

Resort Poort van Amsterdam

Resort Poort van Amsterdam


EuroParcs Resort Poort van Amsterdam is characterized by its unique location. This is North-Holland at its purest, with the gently flowing water of the Marker lake just a few meters away from the holiday park.

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